Define your brand with Social media, build up a community, get popularity and engagement.
What makes social impact so impactful is that it can serve any business in any industry. Social media for retail can get new and exciting products into the purview of motivated shoppers. Service oriented companies can use social media as a messaging platform to get in touch with local customers. And B2B social media can help companies build brand loyalty and comfort in their base and allow that base to expand into future lasting and fruitful relationships. What’s so great about social media marketing is that there is a crossover in any industry and the full breadth of their capabilities can make your brand the happening brand.
Immediate gratification is how things stand these days. When it comes to engaging with current and potential customers, there are few more effective ways to open up that conversation than social media. Social media marketing is more than putting up a few sentences and a photo on Facebook, Instagram, Twitter or LinkedIn, it’s a continuance of interesting content on a daily basis to build trust with customers and encourage them to buy.
We have worked out the best practices and know exactly how to reach a bigger audience and engage with potential customers whatever social platform you are using.
Do you need help to build up a community of advocates for your brand? Say hello.
We hear it from clients all the time, “I think social is pretty important for our business.” and they are absolutely right. However, many of these companies struggle to put their best foot forward in the social media space and it’s agencies like ours that can help get your brand to where you want it to be. We know you’re busy and you want results yesterday. Here’s how we help you get closer to achieving your social media goals for your brand.
What sort of social media style are you going for? It’s an important question. Are you trying to be the witty and humorous version or the professional and informative version? Do you want to have a steady stream of content with great resources in your feed or do you want to focus on promotion with social media advertising? These are the type of questions Efomi is asking you before you ever become a social media client with us. Having social media goals is one thing, presenting those in a consistent way that aligns with your brand is another.
Social Media Advertising: As one of the most cost effective forms of advertising today, social media advertising allows you to reach a well-targeted group of people for your products and services. We work closely with clients to identify who their target demographic is, the location in which they want to target this group of people and the interests they have. Through this approach, we’re able to identify people who would be keen to engage with your brand and highly motivated to buy your product or services, and get them to your social media platforms and your website, all at minimal cost.
Social Media Organic: Instead of the targeted ads you get with social media advertising, our social media organic campaigns are all about aligning with your brand message to get in front of new and returning customers as often as possible. It is possible to be everywhere all the time on social and by targeting a variety of platforms like Facebook, Instagram, Twitter and LinkedIn, we can make sure there is constant content headed in your customers’ direction. It’s a chore to manage social media in house. There are assets to create, content to build and responses to get out. Let us handle the content so you can spend valuable time engaging with potential customers in the here and now.
Our expertise allows you to expect maximum results for the work we do. Communicating with potential customers on social is all about having high quality, engaging content that resonates with them and around business’s mission and offerings. Writing engaging content is at the core of everything we do here at Efomi and by pulling from our SEO and ad copy expertise, we’re able to leverage this content to build brand awareness, get people more engaged and increase the number of followers and engagements on your posts.
We hear a lot from clients that they want to run social media in house but simply don’t have the time to do it. Efomi excels at learning the ins and outs of your brand. After a few weeks of working with us, it doesn’t feel like we’re an outsourced solution so much as we’re sitting right next to you (virtually) putting out content you’re proud of.
Social Media Marketing | Efomi
Social Media Marketing | Efomi
Social Media Marketing | Efomi
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