Monitor and manage all your marketing efforts in one single place, and in real time.
We have one of the most advanced marketing intelligence and management tools available and we are now making it available to organisations who are looking to expand their horizons.
This invaluable resource is presented in the form of an online dashboard that gives you comprehensive and in-depth analytics and intelligence about your customers, your competitors and your own online performance. It also gives you actionable recommendations and the ability to manage your marketing channels in one single place.
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marketing Analytics and Management dashboard | efomi
SO WHAT are the features of this tool?
  • SEO Performance Analysis
  • Digital Visibility & Reputation Analysis
  • Customer Analysis
  • Competition Analysis
  • Digital Advertising Analysis
  • Social Media Management
  • Live Chat Management System
  • Lead Management Systems Integration
  • CRM (Customer Relations Management) Integration
  • Call Management Systems Integration
Included: a free monthly call to help interpret all the terminology and recommendations from your dashboard. On these calls we walk you through every step of the tool in a digestible manner, making it easy to understand the information in a way that allows you to communicate it to your staff and team members. Don’t have time for a phone call every month? We’ll send you a recorded update instead. Just let us know what works for you.
Analytics and Reporting | Efomi
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Tightly integrated with over 30 marketing you use every day – all in one single place.
Stop wasting time switching accounts to monitor your online performance. There’s no need to manually cross-reference your analytics or juggle your marketing channels any more. With our advanced marketing tool, we offer an integration of over 30 marketing channels giving you the ability to see all your valuable data for any one of your campaigns in real time. And you can also manage your CRM, calls and social media.
All you need is a login and you’ll be able to keep tabs on everything that’s going on – and work on improving it.
Before starting with our marketing intel and management tool, why not take advantage of a Free Demo to better understand and learn how this tool can help you.
All you need is a login and you’ll be able to keep tabs on the ins and outs of everything that’s going on – and work on improving it.
SEO Performance Analysis: This crucial tool helps you see how your website performs on major search-engines such as Google and Bing. Essential for ranking in high on search-results and getting your brand in front of the right people and converting them into actual customers or clients.
Digital Visibility & Reputation: This helps you to monitor the quality of your visibility, analyse your online reputations and to see where you are mentioned online.
Customer Analysis: This tool gives you analysis and insights that help you get to know your customers’ behaviour and optimise your communications to them. You will start to know exactly what they want and when, where and how best to communicate your offerings with them. This in-depth and comprehensive data is brought to you through the combined integration of Google Analytics, Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, LinkedIn lead management systems, call tracking systems, live chat analytics and website heatmaps.
Competition Analysis: The integration with MOZ, Ahrefs and Google allows you to see how you stand against your competitors in relation to SEO and Visibility & Reputation. This tool not only allows you to better understand what your competitive advantages are but it also helps you better understand the specifics of the marketplace where you hold that advantage (or disadvantage). This, in turn, helps you to design your strategic plan to maximise your advantages and/or overcome areas of disadvantage.
Digital Advertising Analysis: There’s no magic bullet for getting results from a digital advertising campaign. To be successful, you need constant monitoring, strategies based on metrics and then constant tweaks to ensure your advertising budget is not wasted. This feature helps you do just that… It helps you with continual monitoring of digital advertising campaigns.
Social Media: This invaluable feature helps you keep track and manage your many social network channels in one place. It can schedule posts, monitor what people are saying about your brand and enables you to respond instantly.
Lead Management & CRM System Integration: This feature helps turn cold prospects into hard leads processes. It also helps you improve your customer’s lifetime value by helping you with customer support, keeping details up to date, segmenting your clients, building upsell/cross sale proposals and even creating and optimizing email campaigns.
Call Management Systems Integration: This is a Lead Management & CRM System for calls and SMS messaging. It also informs you of where the customer has found and accessed your phone number (eg. via digital ads, Google My Business, website etc.) and tells you which device was used. All details of the call can also be recorded in a call log (including the audio recording).
Live Chat Management System: this is a Lead Management & CRM System for Live Chat that facilitates a chat service and provides the analytics, insights and customers satisfaction data for every chat.
Marketing Analytics Tool | Efomi
Marketing Analytics Tool | Efomi
Digital Advertising| Efomi
Your Custom Dashboard
Gives you comprehensive and in-depth analytics and actionable recommendations in real time.
SEO Audit
It perform a full SEO audit on your website and accurately track your keyword ranking.
It sends you weekly and monthly report directly to your inbox in the from of CSV and PDF download.
Customers & Competitors
Helps your understand your customers, competition, digital reputation and mentions, and  more.
Connect Your Data Sources
Integrate all your SEO, PPC Social Media, Email and Call Tracking services.
Staff Access
Give  your staff their own login and customise what they can see.