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Consultancy delivered by Consol Efomi, CEO and Digital Strategist
Consol Efomi
Consol Efomi
CEO & Digital Strategist
Hey, I’m Consol Efomi, I specialise in crafting strategies by looking at a company as a whole and identifying crucial growth opportunities. What potential could I help you identify?
Consol Efomi speaking at the Apple Store
Whether you’re a start-up or an established household name looking to start something new, my team and I will figure out how to grow your brand by crafting a smart strategy.
I provide staff training and I am also available for guest lecturing. I can deliver workshops and seminars to suit your workforce.
Here are some of the organisations I’ve worked with:
Training and Education | Efomi
Although I have my own unique methods in passing on knowledge, I make sure that everything I do is also tailored to your specific needs whilst following the validated digital industry approach.
I have courses to suit all needs and experience levels. All can be delivered in bite-sized, innovative and interactive learning formats.
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