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Link Juice

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Link Juice

The terms Link Juice, Backlink Authority and Link Authority are used intergeagebly as they basically all have the same meaning.

Link Juice | Efomi

By now, everyone knows that SEO is key for your site… Great! And Link Juice is an SEO slang term used to reference the value of a hyperlink (or simply “link”). In other words, if a website references another with a link, it passes on its positive properties (like website authority). Basically it is seen in the eyes of search engines as a recommendation. The more link juice that flows from a linking site to a linked site, the more emphatic this recommendation is. But note that this is not about quantity of links but quality of links…

As stated by Google, having quality links is one of the most important factors for rankings high in the Google search results.

Internal Link Juice & External Link Juice

Internal Link Juice

Internal link juice is link juice flowing between the pages of the same website.

External link juice | Efomi

Internal links are important because they can help search engines understand and rank your website better. By giving Google, Bing or Yahoo links to follow along with descriptive anchor text, you can indicate to them which pages of your site are important, as well as what they are about.

External Link Juice

External link juice is the linking strength that is passed onto a website from another site.

Link Juice | Efomi

Let’s say you have Website 1 and Website 2. Let’s also assume that all other ranking factors are constant and Website 1 has five external websites linking to it while Website 2 has only three external websites linking to it. Website 1 will rank higher in search results due to the higher amount of link juice it receives from the external sites linking to it (assuming the quality/authority is the same across the board).

Can good Link Juice increase sales?

Link juice might not directly drive sales but the more positive Link Juice you have on your website, the more authoritative it will be in Google, Bing, Yahoo’s eyes. Because of that, your site will rank high in search results, which in turn will improve visibility and clicks to your website…. So to answer the question “can good Link Juice increase sales?”… Yes, it indirectly contributes to more sales.

If you’d like our SEO experts to build quality link juice for your site don’t look further. Get in touch.

Monitor Your Link Juice

We have a marketing tool that allows you to see how your Link Juice stands in comparison to your competitors. The comparisons include the domain authority, page authority, total links, number of referring domains and referring IPs. This data is made available to our clients through our marketing tool integrations with MOZ, Ahrefs and others.

Link Juice | Efomi

If you have any questions or comments please feel free to leave them below. If you are experienced in this field I’d especially love to learn more from your own experiences with Link Juice.

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Backlink Authority, Link Authority
NB: The rapid changes that comes from digital technologies, marketing and business mean definitions are forever changing. Please feel free to join the conversation.

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