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We think the following definition is the most accurate: “Co-creation refers to the involvement of consumers in product innovation and development. Co-creation involves bringing end-users together to develop the product to cater to their own needs. It is a management initiative to increase consumer engagement with the brand while building healthy consumer relations and providing better user experience. With the increasing focus on consumer-oriented marketing, the value generated by customer co-creation is at its peak. Having a say in production and company innovation brings a sense of belonging in the consumers which in turn generates consumer loyalty and engagement” (Jain, 2017).

Here are some of co-creation benefits:

  • When customers understand the brand mission well this helps a brand to stay on track with its mission.
  • Co-creation can potentially help a brand to retain a creative and operational position in the market by simply tapping the creative and inspired talents of the masses often and at little or no cost.
  • It can, globally and locally, incorporate consumers’ tastes, preferences, values into the development of brands, products or services.
  • Finally, rather than using surveys and focus groups to try to understand what consumers want, co-creation allows the participation of the company’s most valued customers.

(Efomi, 2018)

Co-creation” is often used interchangeably with crowdsourcing. Although there are some similarities but are two different concept.

Co-created value arises in the form of personalised, unique experiences for the customer (value-in-use) and ongoing revenue, learning and enhanced market performance drivers for the firm (loyalty, relationships, customer word of mouth). Value is co-created with customers if and when a customer is able to personalise his or her experience using a firm’s product-service proposition – in the lifetime of its use – to a level that is best suited to get his or her job(s) or tasks done and which allows the firm to derive greater value from its product-service investment in the form of new knowledge, higher revenues/profitability and/or superior brand value/loyalty (Wikipedia, 2018)


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NB: The rapid changes that comes from digital technologies, marketing and business mean definitions are forever changing. Please feel free to join the conversation.

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