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We live in an age of near-instant satisfaction. Whether it’s your website or customer service, being slow is a killer for your business. It makes you, your website or business look like a sloth. See if you can handle the pace of this furry character without tearing your hair out.

The video really made me smile when I first saw it. It is perfect in reflecting the experience people have with red tape and is a great way of illustrating how customers feel when dealing with a business that acts slowly.


Why speed is important for your website? Approximately 50% of users will expect your website to load within 2 seconds or less. They will tend to leave your website within 3 seconds if nothing is still happening. 79% of customers even say that they don’t have the intention of returning to such a website. 44% of them would even tell a friend about that poor online experience. gives some tips and tools on how to find out about the speed of your website, including practical steps to fix it if it’s slow.

Why speed is important for your customer service? These days, people have much higher expectations than ever before, especially on social media where they hope to receive a response immediately. If you don’t respond, then you run the risk of them publicly commenting about it so make sure you have a system in place. Check your different social media accounts and you should consider finding a software that allow you to respond to your customers in a scalable and sustainable way. Some are hesitant to speed it up in order to not sacrifice the quality of their service. Basically, companies need both speed and quality. expands more on that subject.

Why speed is important in innovating? Overall, your business should have a culture of speed, even in areas of innovation. Always be on the ball. Always be the fastest to innovate. Beat your competitors to it. It is simple… If you not are fast, your competitors will be.