A brand is like a person with a unique personality, set of values, ideas and beliefs. Once clearly articulated and consistently communicated, the price and features of products become secondary. That’s how powerful a brand is. The potential of a business is in its brand.

We’ve got all the expertise you need to make your brand work hard across everything you do.

You’re looking be different, to be more profitable and to have loyal advocate customers. Whatever your stage and size, everything you need is right here.


As a brand is like a person, no one knows your brand better than you do. This is why our branding process is built on research and collaboration with our clients. We start with a workshop, learning more about what you do, why you do it and who you want to reach. From there, we carry out research to gain an even deeper understanding of your brand before

bringing together something real and exciting.


We have a ground-up process for building your brand. We start by helping you construct your brand ‘why’, your unique set of values, your vision, your mission and your structure. This defines the brand behaviour and marketing both inside your organisation and for your external audience.


In some cultures, people’s names are more than just a means of identification. A name also reflects a person’s personality and calling. The same is true of brands. An effective brand name should be meaningful, unique and memorable. We help you put careful thought into your brand name so that it chimes with everything you stand for. We closely consider


We are in a human-centric marketing era where consumers want brands to behave more like human beings. Being approachable, authentic and having a position on current issues are now big assets for brands. These are things that humanise your business so that people can connect with it more as a friend. Your brand personality brings into alignment all the other elements of your brand and marketing activities.


In line with your brand personality, we also produce tone of voice guidelines that go hand-in-hand with your unique brand values. It is important to identify and implement a brand tone of voice so that you speak to your customers in the same way across the board. It is also the most powerful tool in inspiring, persuading and motivating your buyers.  We ensure that your brand’s distinct tone of voice is consistent across all communications, regardless of who is writing or speaking on your behalf.


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